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Suffering A Stroke At Age 30


When the disease appears earlier than expected

At present , it is the leading cause of death in Portugal , reaching alarming . Although the usual age of diagnosis was found between 65 and 75 , a stroke can occur as early as 30 years . ” It occurs when a blood vessel ruptures or nervous system is blocked by a clot and a portion of the brain loses its blood supply and begins to die,” says neurologist Belina Nunes.

” It can be due to ischemia (lack of blood supply to the brain) or bleeding ( extravasation of blood vessels in the brain tissue ) , more serious , but less frequent ,” says the expert.

Why can arise before?

” Although stroke is associated with age, being more common after 55 years ( with the incidence doubles every decade after age ) , can occur at younger ages , especially young adults,” says neurologist Belina Nunes. “Hypertension , diabetes , cholesterol and high triglycerides and heart disease are major risk factors for cerebrovascular disease at any age , along with the genetic load ,” says the expert.

However, that ” a young adult can have a stroke as a result of the rarest medical conditions (rupture of a cerebral aneurysm , cerebral arteriovenous malformation or cerebral venous thrombosis ) warning difficult to control” yet. In any case, ” prognosis depends on the rapidity of diagnostic and therapeutic intervention and the location and the extent of bleeding .”

How to Prevent

Consult your family doctor regularly to keep your blood pressure under control and the values ??of blood glucose and cholesterol. If you have hypertension , medication and medical indications respects .

Exercise regularly and avoid excess weight. Obesity is directly related to other factors risk of stroke. Make a careful diet , avoid foods high in saturated fats ( pastries , fatty meats and fried ) and prefer healthy fats (like olive oil ) .

Reduce salt intake . This is a critical care in reducing blood pressure. Eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day. A study by the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands , found that “eating white pulp (pear , cucumber , apple and banana ) reduces the risk of stroke by 50 % . ” Avoid alcohol and snuff . ” Family Occurrence previous stroke in young people can be alert to the existence of families of a stroke that causes must be investigated ,” Nunes Belina alert .

The warning signs

In ‘ neurology consultation ‘ his book ( Lidel ) , the specialist Belina Nunes makes clear what signs can not be ignored :

  • The lack of strength in the arm and leg on the same side
  • Paralysis of the lips on one side or mouth to the side
  • Loss of feeling mean body
  • Slurred speech , voice or slurred lisp . difficulty finding the words to express
  • Speaking incomprehensible words and phrases that do not off-site

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