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Swimming, a Sport for Health

Swimming, a Sport for Health

Sport for Health 300x240 Swimming, a Sport for HealthSwimming is a sport full health, it is good to encourage this sport for children, youth, adults and seniors to practice swimming for many health benefits because every muscle movements develop flexibility and development.

His practice is recommended for diseases such as asthma, sore muscles and joints, herniated discs, back pain, pinched, stress, early stimulation, weight loss, physical and motor disabilities, autism, erectile dysfunction, muscle and bone thickening (becoming more resistant to injury and strokes).

Swimming is a sport that can practice great people, without significant limitations, swimming is very good because in the water have a low impact on different parts of our body, minimizing the stress of bone and joints.

All sports provide health benefits, provided they are practiced properly. But swimming has special features that have no other aerobic exercise.

The main benefits are:

  •     Improve Self Esteem
  •     It stimulates growth and physical and mental development.
  •     It stimulates blood circulation.
  •     It helps keep blood pressure stable.
  •     Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  •     Development of most muscle groups (more than two thirds of all the muscles in your body).

For swimming there are few contraindications, but among those found are:

  •     In certain disease who need a healing time, as a lung infection (bronchitis, asthma attack) or ENT (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis) are temporarily contraindicated swimming.
  •     Outbreaks of eczema, certain skin diseases can also represent a relative contraindication.
  •     The loss of consciousness (epilepsy, diabetes, etc.). Need medical supervision.
  •     Back pain: the front crawl is banned for back pain. Choose the best style back. – Outbreaks of eczema, certain skin diseases can also represent a
  •     High frequency can adversely affect the body, taking as a result: damage to the joints (shoulders) can cause tendinitis (knee), diseases of ear (otitis).

Recommendations for the practice of swimming is a success is:

  •     It is important to shower and dry yourself well after leaving the pool, if not at risk of fungal infection.
  •     Use special shoes for the locker room showers, preventing plantar warts.
  •     The shower cap is essential to protect your hair during practice.

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