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Symptoms and Prevention of High Blood Pressure


There is no denying that advances in technology have changed the way that we live our lives. The way we work has changed and the way we relax has changed. The majority of jobs are no longer as manual as they once were and more often than not when at work we are sat behind a desk or the wheel of a car, and we are now more inclined to relax at home, lounging on the sofa in front of the television. We are no longer active, we drive rather than walk or cycle and we don’t even have to get up from our seat to change the channel on the TV, we have grown lazy.

Not only have we become lazy we have also become impatient. We have fast food, instant communications and expect everything to be where we want it to be at the click of a button or the swipe of a touch screen. The pace of life may have increased yet we have slowed down to a crawl. All this lack of activity this sedentary lifestyle, combined with a need for instant gratification has led to high blood pressure becoming a modern day epidemic.

Symptoms to Look Out For

People diagnosed with high blood pressure often prevent symptoms in different ways. Some complain of recurring nose bleeds, headaches or dizziness, unexplained chest pain or an irregular heartbeat, they complain that they often feel excessively tired or can be confused and disorientated at times. Should you feel that you are suffering from a combination of these symptoms it is probably time you went for a health check. Symptoms can also be aggravated by stressful situations such as family issues or financial problems, another good reason to ensure that you have adequate medical cover as stress can be a trigger for all kinds of nasty symptoms.

Preventative Measures

High blood pressure is a condition that is directly related to lifestyle, therefore by making some simple lifestyle adjustments you can greatly improve your chances of avoiding this modern day epidemic. Stop eating pre-packaged ready meals and go back to eating fresh foods and cooking meals from scratch, not only will this have benefits for you it will also improve the future health of your family. Avoid all types of fast food as by nature they are high in fat, sugar or salt. A healthy diet will ultimately improve your immune system which will help you avoid contracting other illnesses in the long term.

Without the changes in lifestyle any high blood pressure medication that you are prescribed needs to be taken for life, which amounts to an awful lot of medical appointments, blood tests and prescription refills, which it turn amounts to an awful lot of money. A lifetime prescription of medication can’t help but impact on your health insurance premiums and policy small print. Think about making those important but simple lifestyle changes today as not only will you be improving your quality of life you will be saving money in the long term.

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