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The 7 Most Nutritious Foods On Earth

The 7 Most Nutritious Foods On Earth

The 7 Most Nutritious Foods On Earth The 7 Most Nutritious Foods On EarthMany people know exactly what ( unhealthy ) foods we should avoid that. But when it comes to eating healthy , what foods we can stop the best in our body? While experts agree that variety is necessary for a healthy diet , then we actually know what the healthiest choices ? Here are seven of the most nutritious foods you can eat .

Organic Spirulina : While eating algae may seem repugnant to many people spirulina contrast, very tasty . It tastes especially good in a smoothie or ” hidden ” in a chocolate bar . It contains more antioxidants than any other food on earth , and is full of protein and minerals, making it by far the most nutritious.

Organic kale : According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman ‘s kale most nutritious foods in the world. Full of minerals , vitamins , fiber and amino acids in addition to important antioxidants against infections and to prevent cancer . Delicious and easy to prepare . Versatile food .

Organic Hemp Seed : What do you get when you combine protein, fiber , essential fatty acids , amino acids, vitamins and minerals? Hemp seed naturally . This easily digestible seed is versatile , easy to use in the preparation of food and very tasty to boot.

Chocolate : Yes, good read. Cocoa beans are so rich in nutrients that scientists are not even at the beginning to bring . All the benefits and virtues of this little bean map However, no suit Snickers ! The good stuff can be found only in the raw cocoa bean ( or very dark chocolate ) . Minerals , vitamins and antioxidants loads do wonders for your heart , skin and release compounds into your brains that feel . Feelings of infatuation

Organic broccoli : Mom was right , you have to eat broccoli for a healthy digestion and to reduce your risk of cancer . Broccoli also has a wide variety of delicious dishes to offer, from soups to stews to stir-fries .

Organic Spinach : Popeye was on the right track with its spinach – fixation . But rather avoid the canned stuff and limit yourself to fresh or frozen spinach for a healthy blast of antioxidants , protein and fiber . Fresh or cooked , the sweet savory taste of spinach enriched every meal .

Organic Chia : The Aztecs are indeed extinct , but their tradition is alive and well in chia seed . This delicacy of antiquity is full of omega fatty acids , protein and fiber . Dr . Weil tells us that Chia seed is a better choice than flaxseed as ” Chia is so rich in antioxidants that the seeds do not deteriorate and can continue for a long time without going rancid. Saved “

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