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The Amazing Ability of Peppermint Oil as the Best IBS Treatment


A lot of people are already aware of the fact that the best IBS treatment is the peppermint oil.  This is because the ingredients of the oil are rich in anti-oxidants and it has the capacity to kill bacteria that may be contributing to the development of irritable bowel syndrome.

It is amazing to discover that a single drop of the extracted peppermint oil is derived from peppermint dried leaves that can make between 20 – 25 cups of tea!  When you take it within the suggested dosage, you will be able to curb all the disturbing IBS symptoms including nauseas and stomach aches.  The oil regulates the digestive system as well and this reduces the possibilities of bloating.

If you only have mild symptoms of IBS, you don’t have to take the peppermint oil as your daily IBS treatment.  Taking it twice a week is good enough in providing relief to stomach ailments and mild nauseas.  Peppermint oil is also beneficial in reducing sicknesses related to travelling.  If you often experience nauseas while travelling by airplane, for example, just rub the peppermint oil on your temple and soon you will feel relieved.

All in all, you will be able to manage the pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome with the use of peppermint oil.  Remember to refer to your doctor to know about the right dosage.

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