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The Benefits From Copalchi For Health

The Benefits From Copalchi For Health

The Benefits From Copalchi For Health The Benefits From Copalchi For HealthThe Benefits From Copalchi For Health – The copalchi is one of the better hypoglycemic , widely used in the treatment of diabetes . Improves assimilation of carbohydrates. It is also useful to treat flu and colds, is mainly used its bark.

The Copalchi or Coutarea latiflora is a shrub petiolate, oval, pointy leaves. Yellow flowers 5-7 cm in length. It has fruit in capsule form in which there are lots of seeds.

It is native to America , especially in Colombia and Mexico . The main effects of copalchi are hypoglycemic . It is widely used by diabetics pro which is called ” vegetable insulin .” Also, in some parts of South America and Central America, copalchi is used as antipyretic. The extract from the bark of copalchi presents , in vitro , a potent antimalarial action .

A reasonable dose copalchi is slightly toxic . Often bark and stems utilized. The active ingredient is coutareósido ( a bitter glycoside ) which on hydrolysis produces glucose and coutareogenina ( polyphenolic and methoxylated genina , which seems to belong to hydroxycoumarins ) .

In 1922 the then doctor the National University of Colombia and later Rector of the University of Cartagena, Francisco Obregon Jarava Copalchitesis published a degree entitled ” Study of the pathophysiological diabetes mellitus and its treatment ” which recounts his experience with ten diabetic patients , which was treated with decoctions of bark powder Copalchi . He found in a bitter glucoside Copalchi incristalizado you called copalchina . The results could not be more satisfactory

Obregon concludes his argument by stating that ” the dietary management remains the most effective diabetes … the copalchi is worthy of careful study , because of its action¬†anti glycosuria follows that is a good drug, and probably work energizing pancreatic secretion to the use of carbohydrates in the body , or directly promoting metabolism of the hydrates ” . It ends saying ” is probably the copalchi secretagogue islets of Langerhans .”

Al copalchi , it is also known as: cache, chul , guanacaste, bitter leaf , perexcutz , cinchona , sassafras, I zicche

Copalchi – Therapeutic Uses

The copalchi popularly as an adjunct in the treatment of type II diabetes used and is also very effective as a diuretic , febrifuge and bitter tonic . Bark elixir malaria and tuberculosis is prepared. The decoction of the root is used to treat asthma. It is attributed , also analgesic, disinfectant , diuretic , emollient , stimulant and tonic .

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