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The Conception of The Disease Natural Medicine

The Conception of The Disease Natural Medicine

Natural medicine for the diseases are a number of observable phenomena in the body, which always occur from an injury. Therefore natural medicine reluctantly accepts a maximum of the aphorisms of traditional medicine that “there is no disease without injury.” This is a classic assumption has gradually been displaced by natural medicine has created a new concept of disease.
acunpunture 300x200 The Conception of The Disease Natural MedicineNatural medicine seeks to understand the disease process from the compression of the energy and material processes that are involved in the disease, which ultimately is an incorrect transmission of energy by the ecology of the body. Natural medicine advocates that the disease appears when modifying the constituent elements of the human being, causing an injury that causes them to exceed the limits of human physiology.

To tame these energetic phenomena that make energy discourse where it should not be causing the disease, natural medicine has no problem in using acupuncture to try to regain power circuits, trying to make this flow through the channels of its own in equilibrium with the environment.

Specifically disease bioenergetic medicine and allergies are considered a disturbance of equilibrium which finally ends with the homeostasis of the organism causing it to produce an invasion of pathogenic factors of various origins, which will end up causing an injury or structural damage located.

Usually doctors trained in Western medicine does not usually able to find and accept that the cause of disease is improper energy flow through the body, assuming that, for example, assume vegans. Aid including the latest technology are not able to find that energy flowing through channels that should not.

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