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The Impact Piercings On Oral Health

The Impact Piercings On Oral Health

The Impact Piercings On Oral Health I The Impact Piercings On Oral HealthThe Impact Piercings On Oral Health – The use of increasingly popular piercings tongue, lips and cheeks turn are causing alarming complications and oral lesions .

Though piercing has become fashionable in recent years , history shows that it was an ancient practice practiced by ancient civilizations and revived in the West by the punk movement of the late 70′s.

Today his biggest fans are young people who use them for various purposes: for rebellion , religion, as a symbol of belonging to a group and even enhance sexual pleasure .

The rise of fashion piercing is causing more and more people of ” all types ” are not using them . Statistics estimate that currently about 8 percent of the population over 14 years has a piercing somewhere on their body.

However, piercing fashion has brought many complications and health problems that are becoming increasingly common especially in the area of oral health . It has seen a significant increase in the use of oral piercings. Apparently , the mouth is a favorite for young people to put these ornaments , especially on the lips and tongue areas.

Following the increase of visits due to oral conditions caused by the use of oral piercings, they have also begun to emerge and new studies on the subject.

One of the most recent research was conducted by the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid . The study indicates that 72 percent of carriers of oral piercings suffer some post adornment collocation problem.

The most common complications cited by the investigation are: inflammation ( 35 % ), followed by pain ( 18%), difficulty speaking and chewing (15 % ) , taste perversion ( 5 % ) , bleeding ( 4%) increased salivation , infection and tingling ( 2% ) and allergy ( 1%).

However, the injury that worries is periodontal dentists because they occur in about half of individuals with piercings ( 48.1 %), especially when they are metal.

Complications arising from the use of oral piercings can occur during or after the procedure, the main ones being the following :

  • Complications during placement pain, nerve injury , edema , hemorrhage, communicable diseases (such as hepatitis, HIV , etc.)
  • Complications immediate placement : local inflammation, localized infection , mucosal trauma , bacteremia, Ludwig Angina .
  • Late complications: tissue hyperplasia , enamel, tooth fracture , gingival recession, aspiration or ingestion , hypersensitivity, salivation , calculus formation in piercing, halitosis, radiographic interference , adverse reactions , altered phonation, swallowing and chewing.

The increase of these conditions is mainly due to lack of oral hygiene perforated site and because the procedure is is usually performed empirically and without proper hygiene (disinfection and sterilization) . Moreover, in most countries there is no control over who do piercings, so anyone can start a business of this type anywhere, without filling any requirement .

If the piercing is done with a contaminated equipment may cause diseases such as hepatitis, candidiasis, Epstein Barr virus , pseudomonas infection , herpes simplex virus or AIDS.

That’s why we gave the many complications that occur, oral health professionals advise against the use of oral piercings. Recognized associations like the American Dental Association , have spoken about it and have been strongly opposed to the use of piercings on the lips , cheeks or tongue and have warned of its enormous risks to the population.

The placement and use of piercings , especially oral , is not without significant risks and complications, so it should be restricted or at least regulated practice and should be more widely the risks of the practice.

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