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The Pharmacy Of The Nature

The Pharmacy Of The Nature

The Pharmacy Of The Nature The Pharmacy Of The NatureThousands of plants with healing properties waiting to be investigated by science.

In the rainforests of Asia and America you can find pharmacological response to most of the diseases affecting man. It is estimated that there are more than 25,000 unknown species that possess a healing principle.

In a study two years ago in the Amazon, with populations of jibaros, found that different tribes used a herbal of over a hundred species that effectively treat among other ills: skin irritation, heart attacks, lung conditions and – reportedly – to skin cancer.

Another proof of the potential of this gigantic natural Kit, is the recent discovery in the jungles of Peru of a shrub whose leaves infusion turned out to be a powerful contraception without any secondary disorders.

This natural, highly effective medication according to the scientists, not quickly enters the pharmacies: ten years of research for the official certification as a medicinal drug is needed.

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