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The Wonderful Himalayan Salt

The Wonderful Himalayan Salt

The wonderful Himalayan salt The Wonderful Himalayan SaltThe Wonderful Himalayan Salt – Life without salt would not be possible , but it is also true that the current high salt intake is harmful to our health. This statement is due to the ” salt ” or ” table salt ” . Common salt has nothing to do with sea salt or natural salt ( salt as occurs in nature ) . While common salt or table salt is basically sodium chloride , it really is not the salt we need to sustain life . Quite the opposite of that , sodium chloride , can come to kill us. It is an aggressive and toxic substance that overloads the body.

The crystals of natural Himalayan salt are much more than sodium chloride. It is composed by exactly the same 84 elements in the human body is made and in the same proportion as in this need . Our blood is identical to saline seawater. In fact, many operations are performed by entering salt water in his veins.

The wonderful Himalayan salt2 The Wonderful Himalayan SaltIn ancient times , salt was a bargaining chip and salt who had had the power . A former soldiers were paid in salt and hence comes the word “salary” . With time and modern forms of exploitation as well as misused chemical advances have made ??the “white gold” in a poison implanted in our society. The refined salt used is the cause of many diseases such as gout , hypertension , uric acid , sclerosis , cellulitis etc. .

We can’t say that salt is a scarce commodity on earth there is great abundance of salt is 100 % natural and very very cheap . ‘s Seas and oceans, which can cover 70% of the land surface, although the seas are degraded by pollution, and salt removed from the sea, is refined , losing all its properties.

But the land is still pure and complete salt. One such site is the Himalaya . In the Himalayas , thousands and thousands of years the primary seas dried by solar energy , leaving large crystal salt concentrations in salt mines which is pure and natural state. This salt was subjected to enormous pressure from the weight of the mountains and today remains pure and complete salt. A fantastic crystal salt with an organic composition and bioavailability far superior to that of natural rock salt could find on sale and it is just as much lack the refinement of exposure for millennia to incredible pressures to who underwent sea salts saved so much time in the womb the Himalayas.

It is exactly the organic composition of Himalayan salt crystal which ensures availability of biochemical elements found in our body. Pink Himalayan salt, properly mixed with water , gives us all the accumulated energy.

The saline -based pink Himalayan salt represents a real sea of ??energy .

Himalayan Salt

Achieved with saline water and Himalayan salt is a ” primordial soup ” of life . When water combines chemically with natural salt changes the geometric structure of water and salt , creating something entirely new : saline. With saline based Himalayan Crystal Salt can we get just ” frequencies ” that our body needs when you are sick . It is a salt cure.

Himalayan Salt – Preparation of saline

You have to place one or more fragments of crystalline salt in a covered container . Pure , low mineral water is added until the salt pieces are covered. When twenty-four hours have passed about rock crystals Himalayan salt will have dissolved in the water so that it has formed a solution of salt water at a concentration of 26% . Once the water is saturated with salt, will not admit more salt into the mixture and dissolve no more of salt. This solution may be taking daily amounts of saline are required.

Himalayan Salt – Preparing for a cure drinking saline:

Himalayan Salt Preparing for a cure drinking saline The Wonderful Himalayan SaltDissolve a teaspoon of the salt solution to 26 % achieved in a glass of mineral water low in minerals

Take this diluted solution every morning before breakfast, after rising. The treatment may be extended throughout the day by adding one teaspoon of the saline solution in one liter of water , and drinking of this mixture throughout the day .

The important thing about this drink is not so much the quantity but the regularity of ingestion. From the biochemical point of view this ingesting within minutes stimulates gastrointestinal activity and this activation in turn stimulates metabolism and digestion.

Taking this regularly saline electrolyte balance is set to improve the conductivity in our body. This improved conductivity also has a positive effect on our circulation .

With saline Himalayan salt balance between acid and alkaline medium is achieved . We can remove heavy metals, limescale and other debris , preventing rheumatic diseases such as gout , arthritis or osteoarthritis , kidney stones, cellulite , hypertension, etc. . In addition, the saline is taking a real balm for irritated or diseased skin .

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