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Tips For Getting Sick


Experts share Infectious lifestyles that help you stay healthy

Dealing daily with curable infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and respiratory infections , cases that accompany that science has not yet found a cure ( such as HIV / AIDS and patients undergoing treatment after long and complex , as exemplified in chronic hepatitis C. Their role is also crucial in the prevention of infectious diseases , particularly in the world of Travel Medicine .

Every day , doctors infecciologistas help others to protect your immune system . But what they do, every day , to keep your body and mind healthy ? Inspired by his example .

Physical exercise

- Swimming and walking

Swimming, hiking , through dance , sports and yoga experts who work in this issue are varied . ” Swimming is the sport of choice , because it is less prone to injury . I have some excess weight, but in the water I ‘m a model , “says Rita Sparks infecciologista Medical Center Hospital of Cova da Beira . It also prevents the car whenever time permits and you are lucky enough ” to be surrounded by clean air. “Once a week ( confesses that” it is little, but it is possible ” ) explores ways.

- Run and dance

Claudia Nazareth infecciologista Medical University Hospitals of Coimbra , has other tastes and practices
Weekly recreational ballet . “Ballet gives me a special pleasure that brings dance exercise good posture. Develops strength, but also the elasticity . Degree of agility and grace “describes . As for running, as the fact that “the development of cardiovascular endurance and burn off some energy accumulated during the work week , which dominates the sedentary.”

- Indoor Cycling

Jorge Velez, Infante Hospital medical infecciologista D. Peter ends up revealing his relative lack of time along with “a certain laziness. “However, ” every day , do not miss about 25 minutes of intense exercise bike. The motivation for this is to maintain a relative fitness by burning unwanted calories and relaxation that takes me , “he says .

This habit will allow long-term , “trying to prevent heart disease is possible. ” ” Once you have a sedentary SSAO profi , keep up the elevator and escalator prefer normal , and use the car for short journeys , “adds the expert reveals current vaccination schedule vaccines tamb√©mmanter ‘ ” he explains.

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