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Treatment For Acne With Natural Strawberries

Treatment For Acne With Natural Strawberries

Treatment For Acne With Natural Strawberries 150x150 Treatment For Acne With Natural StrawberriesStrawberries help reduce the oiliness of the skin and are a good natural treatment for acne and pimples

Acne and oily skin tend be associated and cause major problems during adolescence, when we say that they cause big problems we do not exclusively refer to injuries that occur on the skin, but insecurity, low self-esteem and inferiority complexes that arise as a result of those injuries.

 Why strawberries are used as acne treatment

  • Strawberries contain astringent and anti-inflammatory substances like salicylic acid which is used in beauty treatments to control excess oiliness of skin and combat acne.
  • Salicylic acid is fat-soluble and acts by dissolving the fat that is located on the inside of the pores with which prevents the formation of pimples and blackheads.
  • Eliminates the bacteria that produce infection of pimples, it helps to cleanse the skin of dead cells, as well as remove marks and stains that remain as acne sequelae.

How to make a treatment with strawberries for acne

Strawberries as a treatment for acne can be used in different ways, for example:

** To make a soft (polished) peeling of skin 6 ripe strawberries are taken, washed well and tread with a fork. Later adds a tablespoon of sugar and lemon drops, mixes and applies in the form of mask, is left to act for 10 minutes and then gently massages the face for a couple of minutes, finally removed with cold water. Repeat the peeling one or two times per week.

* Masks with strawberries for acne and oily skin, are carried out and crush the pulp of 6 or more strawberries and apply on clean face leaving Act for half an hour, then remove thoroughly with cold water. To accelerate the effects of treatment apply green tea (warm or cold) in the entire face and neck. Masks from cutters can be applied two times a week, on different days to those who carried out the peeling, green tea is used as a tonic every day, you can be at night or in the morning.

* Both the peeling and mask of strawberries should be applied on the clean face, skin cleaning can be carried out with any of the soaps that are normally used for oily skin or acne or the type of SOAP that is used on a daily basis. It is important that the skin is clean so that strawberries substances penetrate more deeply into the pores and thus boost their effects and benefits.

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