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Types Of Oriental Therapies


Types Of Oriental Therapies – In this modern area, the traditional treatment seems to reach the top . People today choose traditional best modern medical treatment therapy. One reason is that traditional therapies do not cause side effects. Their treatments that are carried out by the method of body strength appears in more potent effect .

The more traditional therapies derived from the eastern region, known different alternative medicines. Before trying one, better read this first so you can choose what is right for you.


Acupuncture is a treatment technique in China. It is the use of needles . The PIN in your body, and it feels like a ant bite . This traditional system sees the human body as an energy system . The balance of the energy system is what makes the body healthy . Usually, an acupuncturist will hold your hand gently and pulse feel . The disease will be felt through it . Instead of striking, you can also check their condition through language. The needles are inserted at specific points of the body called ” meridian ” .

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the many kinds of martial arts, also come from China. The title does martial arts, Tai Chi but also mentioned to be able to enhance the immune system. Tai Chi also has benefits in reducing blood pressure and reduce arthritis pain. Tai Chi is a gentle , slow movement , but behind that performance, Tai Chi has a great energy under . It is commonly combined with Chi Kung. While Tai Chi worked for the respiratory process , Chi Kung is a medication and appetite control .


Hypnotherapy is a development of psychology . It gives a suggestion to manage your mind and your feelings. They say the main disease comes from the mind, and the best way to heal is the mind too. In hypnotherapy took him into the trance state , your mind is where you relax . In the state of trance , your subconscious mind will have some positive suggestions for healing.


Shiatsu is more likely to acupuncture. There is a massage because it approximates the suppression technique . Shiatsu focuses on the energy flowing in the human body . If acupuncture uses needles , shiatsu using fingers only.

So you’ve found a suitable ? Choose an oriental therapy is adequate and reliable.

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