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Weight Loss Can Prevent Diabetes Part 2


Weight Loss Can Prevent Diabetes Part 2 – According to this new research, which has been published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine , people with pre -diabetes who lose about 10 percent of their body weight during the first six months after being diagnosed , reduced by 85 per percent their chances of developing type 2 diabetes over the next three years, while those who lost 5 to 7 percent of their body weight reduced their risk of developing diabetes by 54 percent , three years later.

To arrive at these findings , researchers analyzed data from more than 3000 overweight people with pre -diabetes , which were monitored for an average of 3.2 years. The participants were divided into groups: one of them was assigned to take metformin ( one of the most used drugs to control diabetes ) , other received placebo and the third group must make changes in your lifestyle , which consisted of adjustment diet and exercise 150 minutes a week. They also received personal counseling during the first six months and group the rest of the time during the study.

At the end , the researchers could determine which patients taking metformin achieved significant weight loss , although it lowered their levels of blood sugar after the first six months as well as their chances of developing diabetes. However, the levels of blood sugar lower and the lowest risk were those who had lost the weight through changes in diet and lifestyle.

Remember that among the risk factors for diabetes are obesity , sedentary lifestyle , age and a family history of diabetes. While you can not modify them all , whether it is in your hands to change the first two. Try to lose excess weight and , if you can not do it alone ( a) , seek professional help to improve your quality of life and prevent or control diabetes.

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