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What Is A Plant Extract Standardized ?

What Is A Plant Extract Standardized ?

A Plant Extract Standardized What Is A Plant Extract Standardized ?What Is A Plant Extract Standardized ? – Plants are very active real biochemical laboratories. If we analyze the phenomenon of photosynthesis , we can see a very complex chemical process known but no less complex . In this process , plants not only produce starch , also synthesize a vast amount of chemicals which have been identified at least 12,000 different and is very likely to be many more to discover yet.

These chemicals have a specific action on the human body and are known as ” active ingredients ” that can be classified as alkaloids , proteins, carbohydrates, fats , glycosides , vitamins , minerals, oils , organic acids, etc. .

When we supplement with active ingredients we know that the capsules do not grow on trees. They result a process that manages to produce up to a thousand capsules per minute. Where the labeling of a product herbalist says that the content is a ” standardized extract ” of medicinal plants, says a lot of supplements standardized quality product . It means you are guaranteed to the consumer that the product contains the required minimum levels of the main active ingredients.

Standardization is a good solution to the large natural variability found in plants (climate, plant age , humidity , time of year , height in meters, daylight hours in places that nutrient quality is grown on land , amount of irrigation water , a difference between stations and and many others that make the chemistry of a plant varies greatly between productions and some others, which ultimately produces very different results in the result to be achieved .

 Standardization of plant extracts

The quality of plant products can be ensured only if the basic materials are pre -defined in a rigorous and detailed manner for a given organism, including specific identification of botanical plant material used.

A Plant Extract Standardized2 What Is A Plant Extract Standardized ?It is also very important to know the geographic source and the conditions under which the active substance plant is obtained to ensure that the material has a consistent quality. Guidelines for the qualitative and quantitative details of the constituents, descriptions of the method of preparation , quality control of herbal preparations are also included ( if different from the dried herb , for example , analysis of the basic material , evidence of microbiological quality detection of residues of pesticides , fumigants , solvents , radioactivity, heavy metals, etc. . ) and other control tests must be conducted during the manufacturing process .

standardized To Supplement have a clear idea of what it means standardization, one can say that consuming a herbal product that is not standardized , it means not having the assurance that we will obtain the therapeutic benefits of the product we choose , since the dose of active ingredient of a plant which will convert to a nutrient in a drug , in this case , a drug of plant origin.

Standardized active principle which it is not in the price of the supplement is also very noticeable . A standardized herbal product is necessarily more expensive than a non-standardized product , since the latter did not pass strict quality control, and contains a guaranteed minimum level of healing principles of the plant.

To give an example , a bottle of Ginkgo Biloba made ??from dried leaves of this plant without standardizing , you can say on the label that “Each capsule contains 120 mg of dried leaf of Ginkgo biloba ,” whereas if you read it is ” standardized product ” at least 24% of bioflavonoids, its price may be up to four times , but their therapeutic result is infinitely better. It is very important to interpret labels herbal products .

How is a standardized extract obtained from a plant ?

As stated earlier, all plants have active chemical identifier , which is conferred therapeutic property and that amount of active substance depends largely on the botanical variety, plant part used (root , leaf flower , …) and also physical conditions that a plant is grown. That is why , the first plants are carefully identified and also , very controlled before collecting them .

Extraction ( extract) of these plants allows active ingredients dissolve . Once the solvent has evaporated (water or alcohol) , what remains is the standardized concentrated extract that is controlled so that actually contains the active therapeutic principles it claims to have .

Standardized extract of plants – Advantages over dry extract standardized Supplements

The advantages of a standardized plant extract What Is A Plant Extract Standardized ?The advantages of a standardized plant extract versus powder plant are:

  • Ensures consistent product quality
  • Contains a higher concentration of active ingredients due to the elimination of the (non active substances) unwanted materials
  • Best Kept seen superfluous materials (removed) can not damage the active ingredients,
  • It has a better bioavailability: absorption by the body is easier
  • Another great advantage is that the standardized extract always has the same proportions of active ingredient, while raw powder tends to vary

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