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What Your Mouth Says About Your Health


What Your Mouth Says About Your Health – Bad breath can be a warning sign of the body. Be aware of the messages your body sends “The mouth is the mirror of your health ,” says Michael Stanley , dentist, according to which there are several health problems associated with the different organs of our body, which can be identified during a dental appointment .

Some diseases , such as diabetes affect oral health, but ” the same lack of oral health can , for example , severe liver and kidney disease,” reveals the expert.

There are so , so strong reasons for maintaining good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. More than just a cosmetic issue , respecting these strategies able to prevent periodontal disease ( accumulation of a film formed by bacteria, and saliva that calcifies nutrients and leads to tartar and at an advanced stage , resulting in mass loss bone and therefore teething ) timely and identify and treat some diseases that can be in your home.

Bad breath

It may be a signal from several problems . The most common are :

  • Gum disease ( inflammation of the gums caused by plaque buildup ) and periodontal disease ( gum disease and arises from bone loss and tooth loss occurs )
  • ¬†Xerostomia (dry mouth )
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as gastric ulcer
  • Breast problems such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis
  • Other diseases , such as cancer of the mouth and pharynx , kidney failure , liver disease

In cases of bad breath , consult a dentist before proceeding to the purchase of products that, in some cases, simply mask the odor temporarily . ” Bad breath can have three origins : gastrointestinal , oral or perinasal ” explains Michael Stanley . Bet therefore good oral hygiene.

Plaque buildup contributes to bad breath and promotes dental caries bacterial host and malodorous gases. Consult a dentist / hygienist for oral hygiene. If the problem persists, ” probably have to be observed by a maxillofacial surgeon , otolaryngologist or a gastroenterologist ,” to identify and treat diseases that cause bad breath says Michael Stanley

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