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Worms In The Intestine : Various Types Of Worm Infestation

Worms In The Intestine : Various Types Of Worm Infestation

For most people, worms are a nightmare in the intestine. Some of these parasites can actually cause serious diseases. Learn more here , about the most common types of worms in the intestine and their symptoms.

Worms in the intestine : The three most common types

Not all worms, called helminths, live as parasites. This type of parasites who seek in their lives one or more hosts or intermediate hosts , including pinworms , roundworms and tapeworms. These species are in our part of the common intestinal worms . The worm eggs are generally used on contaminated food or through physical contact with infected animals in the human body . The eggs and larvae of the worms mature in the human body and multiply.

Worm disease Worms In The Intestine : Various Types Of Worm InfestationWorm eggs can food or through contact with infested animals into the intestine reach.

Some species of worms are transmitted by mosquitoes or flies , but these do not occur naturally in Europe , but are mostly imported as involuntary souvenirs from vacation. The above-mentioned domestic species feed as parasites from food in the gut – hence there is often an unexplained weight loss in those affected .

Made worms in the intestines : Symptoms

Pinworms cause in Germany , according to the Health Portal ” ” around 90 percent of all worm infestations. The parasites lay their eggs with preference in the folds of the anus from , so one of the symptoms of an infection of pinworms is an intense itching , especially in the evening and at night. In an attack , the white , about an inch long thin pinworms are also detectable in the feces .

Due to the itching and scratching of the affected after can cause cracks that lead to inflammation . Only when severe infestation of pinworms such symptoms as weight loss, diarrhea , abdominal pain and rectal bleeding.
Roundworms and tapeworms in the intestines

Another type of worms in the intestine are the pink white and about 25 to 45 centimeters long roundworms. The larvae of the parasite can cause allergic reactions and because of their size block the pancreatic ducts and bile ducts and cause colic . The larvae penetrate through the blood to the lungs before , fever , cough and asthmatic attacks may occur. In extreme cases, the parasites can lead to bowel obstruction or an intestinal paralysis.

Another of the most common worms in the intestine include the tapeworms belonging to the family of flatworms . They are, as the name suggests , flat and depending on the type of between 3 mm and 20 meters long. An infestation with tapeworms is manifested by abdominal pain, weight loss and headaches. Worm disease should generally always be treated by a doctor , since most drugs used to treat require a prescription .

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